Summer Infant Deluxe Stairway Simple to Secure Wood Gate

This top of the range baby gate by Summer Infant is totally designed for a staircase that has a dual banister make. This product is not meant for any other set up, but its performance is quite impressive, and so it deserves to be on this list. There is no drilling required while setting up this baby gate. The baby gate can also be used as a wall/ banister combo if your house does not have a baseboard on the wall. In case you have a baseboard, some modifications will have to be done for the setup. This sleek baby gate can be used for banister to banister installation, single banister installation at the top of the staircases also including installations on doorways and other openings. No drilling is required for square banisters and it also provides many options for installation.

The installation takes roughly 30 minutes, and the instructions that come with it are pretty clear for anyone to understand. The gate does swing both ways, making it quite easy to access the staircase. It has a quick release mechanism that makes it easy to remove the baby gate and return it later one without any problems. The honey oak wood with chocolate accents makes it looks classy and will fit right in with your home d├ęcor. Once the gate is properly setup, you clearly see that it is safe, and you have nothing to worry.

Pros: Apart from being used as a top of the stairs baby gate this gate can also be used to secure spaces between rooms.

Its height makes it ideal for use with young kids and even pets
The auto close mechanism makes it even more secure to use, since times one can forget to lock the gate.
 The quality of this baby gate is assured. This baby gate is the winner of the Moms Picks Award from baby center for best locks and best ease of use.
 The construction of this baby gate is strong and sturdy. This has been achieved by use of high quality material.
Cons: Prone to falling on babies and pets if not properly fastened on the walls.
May require a handyman to install if you choose to use the hardware.


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